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18 fast and fluid news apps for iPhone and Android

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The past year has been all concerning the technology trade infiltrating the publication world. Facebook proclaimed Instant Articles, Google launched associate degree open supply platform for publishers with Twitter, and Apple proclaimed its own proprietary News app. At an equivalent time, Flip board, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL all issued major updates to their individual news apps, showing there’s loads of interest within the world of reports on mobile platforms.

fast and fluid news apps for  iPhone and Android:

New York Times Now:

Times has one amongst the most effective news apps around in NYT currently. Not solely will the app sport a cool icon, however it additionally offers free access to the foremost vital news stories of the day,those from different sources. an easy refresh can quote new stories throughout the day, and you’ll browse briefings for various times of day. Sadly, it’s not obtainable for humanoid.


Buzz Feed:

Buzz Feed took the globe by storm with its infectious agent and alternative fun content. The app consolidates everything in one place, whereas permitting to customize the categories of articles you see to fit your tastes. you’ll be able to additionally browse the menu to look at quizzes, what’s trending, or news if you wish to more hone your search.

Smart News:

Smart News brings you trending stories and categorizes them supported the topic. It’s clutter-free, simple to flick through, and sensible at exhumation contemporary content that you’ll really wish to browse. Partners embrace NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, worker Report, Quartz, VICE, Reuters, AP, Perez Hilton, and more.

Google News & Weather:

It isn’t Google Reader, however Google News & Weather offers a good variation of reports stories from multiple publishers. aboard the headlines and native weather, users will browse “Suggested for you,” a neighborhood for news stories catered to your most up-to-date searches.


The death of Google Reader was a tragedy for loads of avid users, except for Feedly, it had been a blessing. The news person detected an enormous wave of recent users at intervals weeks, and has since improved its mobile service to form it easier to avoid wasting, read, and book marker articles. you’ll choose multiple publications from Feedly’s search board, type them into topics, and save articles for later viewing with bookmarks.

Flip board:

Flip board created a replacement style of reading expertise on mobile, one targeted on participating the reader with the foremost exciting stories of the day and a magazine-style aesthetic. many publications area unit currently out there on the news reader, and Flip board offers a generous quantity of topics, whether or not you’re into technology as a full or the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Yahoo News Digest:

Yahoo’s $30 million acquisition of Summly was all regarding redesigning News Digest, and therefore the finished product could be a marvel. It offers ten of the highest stories in your region, capitalizing on Summly’s computing technology because it will to gift the data during a tidy package. The news changes each few hours, too, providing you with necessary updates throughout the day.

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