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5 Most Important Tips & Tricks You Need To Know About Android

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5 Android Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Are you an android user? Are you using android for a long-time and still can’t figure out the options properly? Or you are a good user, but still don’t know some tricks about android. Here are 5 most important tips & tricks you need to know about android tips.

  1. Disable App notifications

Everyone gets annoyed by the notifications constantly popping up on the screen. What you didn’t know is that these notifications can drain your phone’s battery. If you want to save your battery and turn off these notifications, Go to >settings and then >app info. Here you can turn off the notifications for the apps.

Disable app noifications

  1. Add Multiple Google Accounts

To use an android phone you need a Google account. Interesting feature is that you can add multiple accounts on your android device. By this option you can manage all your Google accounts.

To add multiple Google accounts, Go to Settings > Add account

multiple google accounts

  1. Automatic Updates

You can choose whether the apps should be automatically updated or not. If you look at settings option in Play Store, you will find options to enable or disable automatic updates.

automatic updates off

  1. Organizing Homescreen

If your homescreen is looking clumsy with lot of app icons, then you can organize them by placing them in a folder. You can put all your most used apps in one folder and can access them easily. To create a folder, long press on any of the shortcut and drag it onto another.

Organize homescreen

  1. Turn off Auto-correction

Most of the funny and serious blunders are created by auto-correction while typing. Of course, auto-correction is a good feature but most of the times we get into trouble with this feature. To turn off this feature, Go to Settings > Language & input > select the settings icon on the keyboard you are using> Auto-correction > off.

auto-correction off

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