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Apple AirPods wireless earphones listed to be available by 30th November

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Apple AirPods:

Apple introduced a new product, known as Apple AirPods.Owners of the Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus who have preordered .AirPods will be happy to know the music listening device could ship out to customers on Nov. 30. Well, that’s for the folks in France, but as it stands right now, the date is not concrete.

Earlier in November, several reports claimed the Apple AirPods won’t ship out until January of 2017. However, another report claims the earbuds will definitely ship before the end of 2016, which is quite possible.


  • Initially AirPods were expected to be available from October.
  • Reports earlier claimed AirPods will be available in January.
  • Pre-oder for November 30 shipping available on site.

The Apple AirPod are the headphones, which can be utilized as a part of both mono and stereo mode. It is controlled by a fresh out of the plastic new W1 chip that makes it simpler to interface with Apple’s gadget. Every individual AirPod has double optical sensors as an afterthought that distinguish your tap. which helps you converse with Siri.

When the AirPods are available at retail stores, consumers should seek to gain around five hours of battery life from the device on a single charge. There’s also a rechargeable carrying case that promises up to 24 hours of battery power. Furthermore, just a mere 15-minute of charge will deliver three hours of battery life, which should be enough for when users are in a tight spot.

It should be noted the Apple AirPods are designed to work over Bluetooth. It will also feature the new W1 chipset designed for almost instant pairing with Apple devices and easy switching with iCloud devices.

As for the price, these wireless earphones will retail for the cool price of $159, which is $10 more than the competing and upcoming BeatsX Bluetooth earbuds. The main difference with the BeatsX is the fact that it will come with a neckband to keep the earbuds from falling to the ground.

There have been several claims by retailers around the world about the availability of the AirPods. This is why it becomes hard to trust the credibility of the latest claim made by the French retailer. As of now, we will have to wait for an official word from Apple to confirm the availability of the wireless earphones.

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