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Best Accessories For Honor 8-Huawei Mobile

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What are the best Accessories for the Honor 8-Huawei Mobile?

The Honor 8 is an extraordinary Huawei mobile, highlighting a la mode outline and a dual sensor camera for taking stunning photos. We’ve separated some of extraordinary extras — from cases and auto chargers to associated gadgets — that will make your Honor 8 encounter that greatly improved.

  • Huawei Honor 8 Case
  • AUKEY 30W 2-Port USB Car Charger
  • Belkin Certified 2.0 USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
  • Honor Band Z1
  • Chromecast
  • Spigen Style Ring

   1.Huawei Honor 8 Case:

One of the main frill a great many people search out for their new phone is a quality case. Here, we’re slanted to prescribe the one made by Huawei.

Huawei Mobile case

    2.AUKEY 30W 2-Port USB Car Charger:

The AUKEY 30W 2-Port USB Charger, you’ll have a dependable approach to charge your phone in your auto without worrying about unreasonable current, cheating, or overheating.

Huawei Mobile Aukey ckarger

   3.Belkin Certified 2.0 USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable:

Belkin is a standout among the most trusted brands in smart phone embellishments, so purchase with certainty.In the event that you wind up getting the auto charger above, you’re going to require no less than one additional USB-C charging link so you’re not depending on bearing the one that accompanied the phone.

Huawei Mobile belkin USB

    4.Honor Band z1:

In case you’re searching for a wrist assistant to oblige your new mobile, you might need to consider the Honor Band Z1.The Band Z1 is a little, lightweight wearable with wellness and rest following abilities, and also warning alarms.

Huawei Mobile honor band

   5.Chrome cast:

Chrome cast is a phenomenal embellishment that we can securely suggest close by any Android mobile.This little dongle interfaces with your TV through HDMI and gives you a chance to cast a wide range of media from your phone over Wi-Fi.

Huawei Mobile chrome main

    6.Spigen Style Ring:

Given the Honor 8’s outline, it’s an immaculate contender for the Spigen Style Ring.On the off chance that you place of the ring simply Topsy turfy on the back of your mobile, your finger ought to slip superbly through the style ring and land right on the unique mark scanner inevitably,  you go to get your phone.

Huawei Mobile spigen style

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