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Blackberry DTEK50 Smartphone Review

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DTEK50 is BlackBerry’s second Android-controlled Smartphone offering remarkable security and network highlights BlackBerry is known for:

The arrival of the Priv was BlackBerry’s first stumble into the Android world, and it was not without a few obstructions. The BlackBerry Android programming, at the time, still had space to develop and evaluating was a little on the high side for a ton of people. Presently, the DTEK50 is here, BlackBerry’s Android programming has had room schedule-wise to develop and enhance, and we’re at the end of the day investigating what BlackBerry conveys to the Android world.

The snappy take:

For their second Android offering, BlackBerry searched out a harmony amongst equipment and evaluating and by and by, I think they may have discovered it with the DTEK50. It offers BlackBerry’s security, protection and efficiency combined with the Android environment and it’s evaluated to move for its target group of big business armada arrangements and cost cognizant customers.

Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 out of the box
Great virtual keyboard
Mostly stock Android experience
Continual and fast security updates

No RGB LED, only white
No OIS on the camera
Bigger battery would have been appreciated

DTEK50 Hardware:

Before we get directly down to the quick and dirty, how about we simply ahead and address the obvious issue at hand. Yes, the DTEK50 is based off a reference outline created by TCL. Most people understanding this will probably know it better as the Alcatel Idol 4. Does that detract from the experience or impede the offering in any capacity? Not as I would see it. Truth be told, the mix of TCL’s outline with BlackBerry’s progressions may have enhanced the gadget in some ways.When you remove the DTEK50 from the crate, the main thing you’re prone to notice is the weight, or maybe I ought to say absence of weight. Coming in at just 135 grams or 4.76 ounces, DTEK50 is the lightest cell phone that BlackBerry at present offers in their line up. In addition, it’s the most slender also coming in at 7.4 millimeters or 0.29-creeps profound. There’s a contention to be made there that, perhaps they ought to have included a greater battery as opposed to making it as light and as slender as it is however we’ll arrive further on in this audit.

On the front of the gadget, you’ll discover the scratch safe, and smear safe 5.2-Inch LTPS IPS presentation is coming in at a determination of 1920×1080 and 424ppi. Of course, hues on the DTEK50 presentation are decent and distinctive, the content is clear and even close up there’s no fluffiness to the symbols and survey points are the place they ought to be. Indeed, even in daylight where some presentations wind up pointless, DTEK50 is still visible. One thing I noticed amid a few correlations with my Priv was that the DTEK50 show ended up being much brighter when the settings were pushed to the limit on each and set one next to the other. Clearly not a terrible thing for imminent DTEK50 proprietors, only a fascinating perception.Likewise on the front of the gadget is the place you will discover the closeness and surrounding light sensors and also the 8 MP front-confronting camera lastly, LED notice light which serves as a front-confronting streak. There have been a considerable measure of inquiries and concerns encompassing that LED light, so how about we simply be clear. It’s not a RGB LED, and the main shading you will see it produce is white, yet at the same time there’s a notice light there. For me, it isn’t so much that huge of an arrangement yet there are absolutely a lot of people out there who feel as if not having that flickering red light is a drawback to owning a DTEK50. Look deliberately on the front and you will likewise detect the coordinated double speakers and double amplifiers.

On the top and to one side is the place you will locate your 3.5mm earphone jack and at the base of the gadget to one side is the place you will discover your MicroUSB 2.0 charging port. Yes, still MicroUSB. No USB-C found here and much like the Priv, and I am at the end of the day OK with that. Likewise remember that MicroUSB port is Quick Charge 2.0 empowered with the goal that you can charge your gadget to around half in roughly 51 minutes, as indicated by BlackBerry.

DTEK50 Specs:

As noted before, for DTEK50 BlackBerry searched out a harmony amongst equipment and estimating and thus, we got a gadget that is thought to be ‘mid-range’ with regards to the specs. For a few, that may be a moment turn-off, yet there are a lot of people out there who require these kind of gadgets.

Like most mid-reach gadgets available, the DTEK50 doesn’t tick off each checkbox on the spec sheet agenda however by and large, for what you’re paying and what you get, it offers a quite convincing bundle.

DTEK50 Software:

A while ago when the Priv was discharged in November of 2015, one of the greatest perceptions was the how little BlackBerry screwed with stock Android, and that is something that extends to DTEK50 too. From that point forward, however, BlackBerry has had the opportunity to enhance their Android programming and those BlackBerry touches, at whatever point you see them on DTEK50, are currently more refined and enhanced from when the Priv initially dispatched. Truth be told, in the event that you effectively own a Priv, you may discover this product rundown somewhat exhausting to peruse in light of the fact that you definitely know how this functions yet for the uninitiated, here are a portion of the highlights from BlackBerry’s adaptation of Android.

DTEK50 Battery life:

This one of those regions where despite everything i’m being ruined from having claimed a BlackBerry Passport and the battery productivity that BlackBerry 10 managed. All things considered, the DTEK50 packs a non-removable 2610 mAh battery which as indicated by the spec sheet ought to get you up to 17 hours blended battery life. In my testing, those cases are entirely precise generally.This isn’t to imply that I don’t wish BlackBerry had surrendered a portion of the slimness of the DTEK50 for a greater battery since I surely wish that was the situation. Nowadays, I gage my battery execution in view of regardless of whether it can last me an entire day or increasingly and with the DTEK50, I ended up going after that Micro USB link close to the end of my night or having to ‘top up’ the battery before turning in until tomorrow.

For testing, I “overlooked” to connect my DTEK50 to before bed as a great many people do nowadays, just to check whether it would have enough squeeze to make them go in the morning and I was obviously disillusioned. Fortunately, the DTEK50 includes Quick Charge 2.0, which compensates for it a bit by having the capacity to take in 20% battery life in around 10 minutes however there’s a bit kicker there too. You’ll have to get your own particular Quick Charge 2.0 good link in the event that you don’t have one as of now as one is excluded in the case.

DTEK50 Camera:

In the majority of the documentation for the DTEK50, BlackBerry calls the camera ‘stunning’, keeping in mind the cameras are not horrible on the DTEK50, I don’t know whether I would call them astonishing either. For me, the 13 MP back shooter ended up being one of those cameras where when settings were perfect I could get some extraordinary results. Anything not as much as perfect and you simply wind up with satisfactory pictures. Not unpleasant, simply satisfactory.One highlight, however, is the 8 MP front-confronting camera that makes the Priv’s 2 MP front-confronting camera look surprisingly more dreadful than we definitely know it is. On the DTEK50, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination an issue. I was really shocked by a portion of the outcomes from the front-confronting camera. Furthermore, there’s likewise that front-confronting streak that truly enhances your selfie amusement even in low-light, in case you’re into that kind of thing.


For snapping photographs, the DTEK50 comes pre-stacked with BlackBerry’s own camera application which has been overhauled and enhanced different times now. The BlackBerry assembled camera application offers a wide exhibit of inherent components, for example, channels, speedy access to cutting edge settings like the blaze, viewpoint proportion, and HDR, and you can slide your fingers separated or together on the screen to zoom in.One more current thing on that rundown is manual controls however on DTEK50, those manual controls are not just restricted to the BlackBerry Camera App. Dissimilar to on Priv, where manual controls are left to BlackBerry’s Camera application, DTEK50 bolsters Camera 2 API opening the ways to other camera applications, for example, the incredible Manual Camera on the off chance that you wish to utilize that.In the video division, DTEK50 can record up to 1080p video at different edge rates. There’s no 4 K recording here as on the Priv, yet that was normal. Generally speaking, the video results are keeping pace with that of the camera comes about. Awesome under perfect conditions yet anything not as much as perfect and you just at the end of the day wind up with satisfactory offerings.





To put this area to bed, I think the camera is impeccably fine and fit for most circumstances and now and again may even astound you in the quality it can create. Simply don’t rely on being amazed each and every time since that won’t happen.Not having a committed camera catch to shoot the screen sort of sucks, however on the other side you can set your accommodation key to dispatch the camera or utilize the Marshmallow highlight of hitting the force catch two times to dispatch it, so that is cool.Besides, if a photograph doesn’t turn out as incredible as you had trusted, well, odds are you’re simply going to flame it through Prisma, Snap chat, or Instagram and add a channel to it in any case. Try not to be frantic at me for saying that. You know it’s valid. It’s the same thing I do. Observe some specimen shots.

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