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Fast, Free and Reliable Wi-Fi for Everyone; Google Station

Google Station
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Google Station:

The Google has announced its new initiative called Google Station, a public Wi-Fi platform. And Google wants WI-Fi service available in every public place son the planet like cafes, malls, boarding stations, universities etc. Google station has the objective to provide safe and protected network with reliable speedy WI-Fi.This Station was very useful for all members.

The Google working with Rail Tel and Indian Railways has provided free WI-Fi services at 52 railway stations across India. Currently Google claims that around 3.5 million users use the free WI-Fi service every month.

So with a huge success of free WI-Fi in railway stations, Google was inspired to make it bigger and thus came the project Google Station. It’s been designed to help people discover and explore more of what the Internet can offered.

To discussing Google’s RailWire WiFi, it now offers WiFi access to 15,000 new clients day by day and serving 3.5 million month to month clients. It expect to grow to 100 stations before the end of 2016 and will in the end be taken off to cover 400 railroad stations crosswise over India.

The Google said that it will join forces with expansive venues and associations, system administrators, fiber suppliers, framework integrators and foundation organizations to set up Google Station.

The objective is to give individuals numerous problem areas inside a couple of minutes stroll from their home, college or working environment bound together by a basic login process that works over every one of them.

On its website, Google is urging people to connect with the company by saying “We’ll be partnering with large venues and organizations, network operators, fiber providers, system integrators and infrastructure companies.”

It is also open to discuss on how they can bring internet available to more people. Not only that, it is also offering monetary benefits to its partners.

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