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New Mio Slice Wrist Wear for Men

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Most wellness trackers intends to urge you to achieve 10,000 stages a day(Mio Slice). Yet Mio’s new Slice is attempting to accomplish something altogether different and make your wristwear more customized to your wellness needs.

Mio has already uncovered its Pai innovation, yet this is the first occasion. When we’ve seen it incorporated into a wearable.

Mio Slice cost and discharge date

The Mio Slice is propelling in the US in January. And will go to the UK sooner or in the not so distant future. So far there’s no word on whether it will dispatch in Australia or not.

Mio’s Slice sits amidst the wellness tracker value run at $129 (about £100, AU$175).

Outline and elements

mio slice

The Slice resembles your run of the mill wellness tracker. There’s an essential highly contrasting play in the inside. And it wraps around your wrist with a thick silicon band to guarantee it won’t take off when you’re out for a run.

The tracker is very thick contrasted with different groups at this value point. So you may discover it somewhat uncomfortable to wear constantly.

The strap is secure however and it’s especially simple to put on or take off.

There are four hues to browse, which are customary dark and naval force. And a white and an orange named Stone and Sienna individually.

You likewise have the decision of either little or vast strap sizes, contingent upon how enormous your wrist is.

There’s a vast catch at the base of the show which will help you tap through the diverse usefulness on the Slice. Including the clock, step following, heart rate checking and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s additionally water safe up to 30 meters. So you won’t need to stress over running with this on in the rain.

The Slice isn’t the most appealing wellness tracker available. However it likewise isn’t a revolting decision and you humiliates about wearing this on your wrist.

The most intriguing component of the Slice is its joining with Pai innovation.

mio slice

Mio’s Pai tech is gone for giving you a more customized focus to reach as opposed. To simply instructing you to achieve 10,000 stages.

Contingent upon your wellbeing checked by the dependably on heart rate tracker. The framework will give you a score of 100 over a week, contingent upon the amount you’ve raised your heart rate that week.

In the event that your number is underneath 100, you have to practice increasingly. While if it’s above you’re in a decent place.

Some practice can be high power, however you won’t move your feet as much as say running this is ideal for that situation.

The Slice adjusts specifically with the Pai application, which you can download to either iOS or Android to have the capacity to see precisely how well you’re doing.

There’s typical movement following and additionally rest following on the Slice.

You’ll likewise have the capacity to get telephone notices through to your wrist. However it constrained to just smartphone calls and messages right now. You can’t collaborate with the messages straightforwardly from the band either.

Mio likewise says the Slice will present a five day battery life, which we’ll make certain to put under a magnifying glass in our up and coming full survey.

Early decision

The Slice itself isn’t the most fascinating wellness band as it components a significant tired plan, yet having Pai specifically on your wrist might be a sufficiently intriguing USP.

Pai is another state of mind about wellness trackers and could change the way we see ourselves as getting fit in years to come.

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