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The Best 5 upcoming smartphones of 2017 in Android

upcoming smartphones
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5 upcoming smartphones in 2017:

The universe of smartphones is constantly changing, the up and coming get to be past events in a short time, this increases the need to think of the most recent Top 10 Upcoming Mobiles each once in for a spell. This is our most recent rundown of the Best upcoming smartphone in 2017 or a couple of these may be pushed to 2017 too.

Xiaomi Mi 6:


The Xiaomi going to unvield it’s new gadget in February 2017 named as Xiaomi Mi 6. There are numerous news and bits of gossip accessible about the up and coming Xiaomi smartphone.The Xiaomi Mi6 launch date will set for 6 February and Sale will begin at whatever time in March 2017.


  • 5.1-inch display
  • a 23MP camera with double LED streak , a 7MP front camera.
  • a double camera setup on the back with two 16MP sensors and a 4MP sensor at the front.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm’s lead processor
  • 4GB RAM alongside 64GB of inner stockpiling.
  • A 3000mAh battery with speedy charge 3.0 self control the gadget.

LG V11:


The will most likely be the LG V11, the successor to the exceedingly commended LG V10.The LG V11 Launch date will arrive at some point in mid 2017, around October, a similar era, the LG V10 was discharged. There have no LG V11 breaks, news and data yet about the gadget. up and coming LG cell phone in 2017.


  • a double camera setup on the back with two 12MP sensors and a 8MP sensor at the front.
  • 5.7-inch display & 4GB RAM
  • Price-Around $400 – $500 (Rs. 26,470 – RS. 34,330).

Samsung Galaxy Note 6:


Samsung has uncovered it leader smartphone for the year 2016, both of which are splendid handsets (look at them HERE). That as  this can’t prevent us from getting amp up for the following most expected Samsung smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 6.


  • It is phablet from Samsung
  • controlled by a 16-center processor
  • speed of 3.1GHz.

LG Flex 3:


LG is disclose its most recent LG G5 Flagship smartphone  and now we are altogether amped up for the flex-y smartphone, LG Flex 3.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and combined with 4GB of RAM space and 32GB of inward storage room
  •   The battery 3000-3500mAh.
  •  LG Flex 3 Price around £500 (Rs. 47,720 application).

Sony Xperia Z6/Xperia Z6 Compact:


This technique will most likely begin with the dispatch of the Sony Xperia Z6, in March at MWC. With the Sony Xperia Z5 going for the most part unnoticed, the Xperia Z6 will be critical for Sony and the eventual fate of Sony smartphones may be subject to the execution of the Xperia Z6.


  • The Sony Xperia Z6 will most likely component a 4K Ultra HD screen,
  • unique finger impression sensor
  • waterproofing,
  • expansive battery.

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