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The Best Android phones of 2016

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“What is the most effective smartphone?” It’s a matter I hear a minimum of once or double a month.

The Best Android phones of 2016:

That’s fine. It comes with the territory, really. I indite all types of technology all day, every day,is Android phones. however none such a lot as smartphones. I’ve reviewed several of the most important ones free within the past year, from the dirt-cheap to the metal and shiny. all of them have one thing to feature in their own manner, however solely one or two extremely stand out.And as you would imagine, the solution is difficult.

The funny factor regarding shopping for Android phones in 2016 is that it’s laborious to travel wrong. Not too way back, even nice phones may have terrible battery life, be stalled by gobs of unwanted software package, have associate degree awful camera, or be missing a vital feature or 2. Now, we discover nearly each major telephone can last until hour, take good photos, show them on a wonderful screen, blaze through apps with a speedy processor, and browse the net with quick LTE property.

If you would like an excellent smartphone, all you actually ought to do is avoid phones that faux to be glorious, but aren’t.

Android phones has the most important market share within the smartphone world, however whereas Apple’s share is split between simply a couple of iPhones with obvious variations between them there area unit many humanoid phones obtainable to shop for. and also the selection gets even additional confusing once you contemplate that every humanoid phone manufacturer has multiple humanoid phone product lines, every with its own options and edges. conjointly see: Best smartphones 2016 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In our greatest humanoid Android phones chart we tend to focus totally on flagship devices, with the exception of wherever a phone lower down the vary stands out for its glorious worth (see the OnePlus X and Moto G), feature set or performance. The phones during this cluster area unit those possibly to be bought on a contract, however, and their initial price are going to be mostly extraneous. If you’re shopping for them SIM-free you ought to look at our greatest SIM-only deals, however if budget may be a primary thought for you, conjointly see our round-up of the most effective budget phones.Google package accounts for a massive majority in today’s smartphone market. In recent times, several flagship smartphones go along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM, adore the RAM accessible on a standard laptop computer. Alongside, whereas you will still be employing a Full HD tv reception, the screen resolution on high tier smartphones has been affected to 2K, and in some cases, even 4K. The camera quality has conjointly improved massively, and is steady progressing with every new smartphone. With all of those in mind, there ar a great deal of choices to travel through. Here, we have a tendency to offer you an inventory of the most effective smartphones to shop for in India, in August 2016. These smartphones supply the correct mixture of performance and options.

Here are few best android phones of 2016

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • LG G5
  • OnePlus 3
  • HTC 10
  • Xiaomi Mi5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • LG Nexus 5X 32GB
  • Moto X Force
  • HTC One A9

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