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Top 5 Best Windows Phones below 10000 Rs in India

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Some of the foremost common queries we have a tendency to get involve Best Windows Phones  below Rs. 10,000 and significantly concerning that one among them to induce. While, the proper smartphone for you’ll rely on your explicit needs and use cases, we’ve shortlisted ten devices that fall during this worth vary that we have a tendency to feel provide most bang for buck. You’ll use this list and to slender down and notice your ideal smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3:

Although most phones on this list haven’t been sorted in any order, the Redmi Note three continues to be maybe the most effective among the bunch in terms valuable for cash which is why we’ve set to incorporate it initial. it’s conjointly the most recent among all the smartphones within the list which undoubtedly will keep company with its own perks.

The smartphone includes a massive five.5? 1080p show and for the primary time during a Redmi Note phone, it conjointly includes a metal style that’s quite rugged. it’s a sixteen Megapixel camera with quick PDAF and f/2.0 aperture. It supports 4G LTE and includes a Hybrid DualSIM slot. one among the foremost powerful processors during this phase because of the flower 650 chipset. 4000 mAH battery which will rouse to five hundredth in one hour. it’s conjointly one among the only a few devices below Rs. 10,000 that gives a fingerprint detector. whereas it will have a Hybrid Dual SIM slot which will replace one among the SIM slots with a microSD, ensure you get the proper storage version particularly if you would like to use each the SIM card slots. in addition, the 16GB version comes with 2GB of RAM that the 32GB version has 3GB of RAM.

Lenovo ambience P1m:

The ambience P1m is that the smaller brother of the ambience P1 that is perhaps one among the most effective bang for buck handsets below the Rs 20k mark. The ambience P1m too will justice by giving quite enticing package for fewer than Rs ten,000.

Not everybody needs a five.5? device and therefore the P1m can match people that area unit searching for one thing a lot of compact, because of its 5? 720p show. It doesn’t skimp out on options tho’ since it’s a 4000 mAH battery below the hood which can last even serious users a complete day of use.The screen resolution of 720p can be fine for a few individuals particularly on a 5? screen whereas others are searching for nothing below a 1080p screen. The video quality from the first camera isn’t excellent.

Lenovo K3 Note:

The ambience K3 Note was one among the foremost common handsets in 2015 and one that actually affected U.S. in our review. One year later, it still remains a powerful competition even with its successor, the K4 Note having been proclaimed.

The K3 Note was one among the primary “no-compromise” phablets obtainable for below Rs. 10,000. It has a 5.5 full HD show, removable battery, thirteen Megapixel camera yet as twin SIM support and a frenzied microSD card slot that are a few things even the mighty Redmi note three can’t boast concerning having.The smartphone has Associate in Nursing inferior plastic build compared to the Redmi Note three or maybe its relation, the ambience P1 because of the mostly plastic construction. The battery life too may be a bit on the shorter finish.Ehe worth of the K3 Note hasn’t reduced much since the initial launch.

Asus Zenfone two optical maser:

The Zenfone two optical maser is perhaps the sole smartphone below Rs ten,000 that focuses on a superior camera expertise.The thirteen Megapixel primary camera comes with Associate in Nursing f/2.0 aperture, dual-tone diode flash and a optical maser AF system that is sometimes seen solely on high-end smartphones. The optical maser AF permits for a far quicker AF lock. The phone includes a massive 5.5 show and supports DualSIM 4G LTE. It conjointly accepts microSD cards upto 128GB in capability. Despite having an oversized 5.5 screen, the resolution is barely 720p which ends up during a sub-par screen expertise compared to most alternative 5.5 smartphones on this list.

Asus Zenfone soap:

The Asus Zenfone soap is perhaps the foremost battery life minded smartphone on this list with its huge 5000 mAH battery.The 5000 mAH battery will certainly last you an extended time though you’re an important user. What more, the Zenfone soap doubles up as electric battery pack since it will charge alternative devices Associate in Nursingd Asus conjointly bundles an OTG adapter within the box to create use of this operate.Just like the Zenfone two optical maser, users are obtaining a 5.5 show with a resolution of 720p with the soap. On the and facet, a lower resolution implies that the phone can last longer on the already huge 5000 mAH battery.

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