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Top 5 Play Store Alternatives

Play Store Alternatives
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Top 5 Play Store Alternatives

Android devices are known for giving user’s options. You can choose between apps, launchers, themes, icon packs and you can even change the android system into something else. But when it comes to Play Store, you are stuck with only one app. Well you need not worry about it; here are top 5 alternatives for stores for your android device.

  1. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is also known as Amazon app store. It is really a good place to download both small and large apps. The coolest part is that it gives apps for free which are paid in google playstore. Amazon underground has a huge database of paid apps which it is giving for free. The app list gets updated every week. Just like the online shopping site, Amazon underground also offers huge discounts on apps. It also has huge collections of books.

amazon underground

  1. Apptoide

Apptoide is similar to playstore but it has so many apps which are not available on playstore. Unlike playstore, Apptoied has repositories which allow the users to manage the apps. Key feature is that whenever you download an app, .apk file is downloaded. User interface is very friendly to use and users can publish apps for free.


  1. SlideME Market

SlideME Market is the finely polished app store on this list. User interface looks in tiles and has divided into many categories which make it easy to search for similar apps. It has a combination of both free and paid apps. SlideME market has reward sytem by referring friends. With these reward points you can buy apps on it.


  1. F-Droid

F-Droid is simple, basic and lite to use. All the apps are free and some of them you find with a price tag on Play Store. May be it has some less apps when compared to other; it has some unique and lite apps which you cannot find on other markets. These apps won’t have hidden advertising or in-app purchases which makes F-Droid unique among others.


  1. 9Apps

9Apps is the most diverse among the list. Its interface may not be attractive but provides a lot of features. It has several categories and sub-categories where you find a lot of apps. Another main feature is that you can find a lot of media files which you can download videos, wallpapers, themes etc for free.


So, if you are an android enthusiast and want to try new ones, then try these apps and explore new things with these markets.

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