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WhatsApp updated with minor fixes in BlackBerry 10

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WhatsApp updated with minor fixes in BlackBerry 10:

In regard to latest technologies there is a new update evolution in the world of WhatsApp in BlackBerry 10.In previous change log the covered contents are the miscellaneous fixes and updates which are just an update for the previous version which was lead as a main issue by BlackBerry World.And that would expire on October was what up to the date.

This new update essentially suggests that the app can still work till the tip of the 12 month.once WhatsApp can discontinue the BlackBerry ten version. Still, if you are riding out WhatsApp till the terribly finish, you will need to induce this version downloaded as before long as attainable.It also  brings lists for broadcast electronic communication to a lot of contacts at only once, new Emoji for BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 devices, a page emoticons selector for all devices, and improved startup performance and hence said to be a new update.

A couple of bug fixes additionally joins the said new options, as well as a plaguy profile ikon bug that caused some minor problems for users, once they would choose pictures to use as their profile icon that were overlarge to use.And different minor bug fixes also are gift, through the change log created.

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